Here is where you can catch us this month.
Thanks to all of our fans for a great year! Holy Crap another year already. We look forward to rockin' with you in 2017!  A new year - New music - New friends!

2016 was a fantastic year for R-19. Thank you all. 2017 is a brand new year and we are looking forward to rockin it out once again.

Ok apparently I have to get a new secretary because obviously I am still doing a horrible job at it. A whole lot has happened since I last updated this part of the site. Unfortunately Adam Netto has decided to move on to greener pastures. Adam added a tremendous amount of both talent and fun to R-19. his marvelous vocals and astounding guitar playing will be missed by the band members as well as all the R-19 fans. thank you Adam for the time you gave us and good luck with all of your future endeavors.


Now I would like to introduce the current and a new member of the R-19 Family. I (Lin) am still hanging in there since the beginning. If it weren’t for all the great R-19 fans I probably wouldn’t have made it this long. I love all the fans and thank every one of you. The next longest standing member is Rob Booth on Bass guitar and vocals. As you all should know by now Rob has been with R-19 for a while now and  adds a lot to the music and entertainment value of the band. Next on the hit parade is Jeff Wisner on the drums (no vocals, he doesn’t think he can sing). Jeff has been with the band for quite some time now and as you all know has been pounding out the beats that keep us going. Last but not least our newest member of R-19. I would like to welcome Tom Booth to the family. Tom has been a guitar player and singer in the Watertown and surrounding area for many many years in many different excellent bands. Tom is an outstanding guitar player and has some serious pipes for vocals. He has already added several songs to our set list and will only grow from there. I look forward to many years of musical enjoyment with Rob, Jeff, and Tom.

So please forgive my secretary (me) for slacking. Most of all come out and welcome Tom and say hi to the rest of us. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

To all the R-19 fans out there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It’s all about the fans, without you we would be nothing. Let’s keep the R-19 party train rolling. Be sure to check the events page at r19band.com for new info and gig dates.


2016 saw the loss of one of R-19's most loved players Timothy Markwick. Tim was truly one of R-19's most valuable players list and will be deeply missed. Rock on in the after life Brother, love ya. May you rest in peace.

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of JANICE she will be missed !


Friday -       12/01/17 -  
Saturday -  12/02/17 -                   

Friday -      12/08/17 - Rooted Drifter (Carthage) 10:00   
Saturday -  12/09/17 - American Legion (Watertown) 7:00

Friday -       12/15/17
Saturday -  12/16/17 -  Crossroads (Naumburg) 9:30    
Friday -       12/22/17 - 
Saturday -   12/23/17 - John Hoover Inn (Evans Mills) 9:00
Friday         12/29/17 - 
Saturday -   12/30/17 - 
Friday         01/05/18 - Twisted Moose (Theresa) 9:00
Saturday    01/06/18 - Crossroads (Naumburg) 9:30
Friday -       01/12/18 - Rooted Drifter (Carthage) 10:00
Saturday -  01/13/18 -  Private Christmas Party 7:00   
Friday -       01/19/18 - 
Saturday -  01/20/18 -   
Friday -       01/26/18 - John Hoover Inn (Evans Mills) 9:00 
Saturday -  01/27/18 - Private Christmas Party 8:00                         
Friday -       02/02/18 - 
Saturday -  02/03/18 - Crossroads (Naumburg) 9:30
Friday -       02/09/18 - 
Saturday -  02/10/17 - Private Party
Friday -       02/16/18 - 
Saturday -  02/17/18 - Crossroads (Naumburg) 9:30
                          Valentine's Party - a night with the one you love 
Friday -       02/23/18 - 
Saturday -  02/24/18 - 

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